by IceWind
Important Info
For some time now, alot of people have been asking me alot the same questions. So, for I don't have to answer the same questions over and over again, I'll post some infos here. Please read carefully before going to drop me a Mail!
Q: Are you doing spells for others?
A: No sorry, I am not doing spells for others. 
Q: Can you tell me where to find spells?
A: Ever heard from Google?
Q: Please help me! I've messed up with Black Magick and need someone to help me getting rid of it....
A: I am sorry, but I can't help you. Only this little advice: You shouldn't play with fire if you can't stand the heat. 
Q: WTF?.. !!!!,.. YOU can tell Puzuzu ........
A: Get a life, I am your messenger or what?
Q: heey ... whaz up man...?
A: ??????????
Q: I want to become as immortal as an Vampire, can you help me?
A: Ya sure.. watch out for me in your dreams, for I'll come and suck the bloody hell out of you... lol?
Q: I can help you.
A: Yeah right!... huh?
Q: I want to be a wiccan, witch, pagan, I want to join this occult, I want to be a Magican.
A: And now what??
Q: FOR being an azzhole im putting a curse on you that you will never forget till you die !!! u messed with the wrong person!!!!! FROM THE DAY YOU OPEN THIS EMAIL TILL THE DAY YOU DIE . YOU WILL BE CURSED AND HAVE THE WORSE LIFE A PERSON CAN HAVE ! AND DONT ASK ME TO REVERSE THIS SPELL ! YOU MADE YOUR CHOICE!!!! THIS IS YOUR FINAL LESSON IN LIFE ! HAVE A ROTTEN LIFE FROM NOW ON ! NO SPELL CAN STOP MINE SO DONT TRY ! you are not protected from me ! there are few people in this world that are and i mean few ! so when you come crawling back for a posion u better got that those 1 or 2 other people in this world that can reveres it ! ..and trust me noone on the internet can do this ! u think im dumb ....anyone trying to use a reveres spell on me only gets it worse ...u think i never thought of this or what ...i see its just a game to you ! but youll see ! your nobody! and when you start asking me for help from this spell ! your gonna feel what real power is my friend ! and plz dont beg! i hate beggers ! u will see what paying the pipper is all about if it hasent allready started ! lol better go get all your buddys to help you try to break this spell! lol allthoue in aint gonna do any good ! ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS WHEN YOU WANT MY SPELL LIFTED OFF YOU ..YOU MUST COME BEFOR ME AND KNEEL ! RAISE YOUR RIGHT HAND AND SAY ..MASTER IM SORRY FOR DISHONERING YOU ! PLZ FORGIVE ME FOR I AM YOUR SLAVE ! DO THIS AND ILL SET YOU FREE ! I HAVE NO MORE TO SAY ! I KNOW IT HAS STARTED ! ! YOU R CURSED !
A: Calm down there, Mr. Testosterone ....Satan is in my bathtub right now. He wants me to tell you he has a very large penis. So Mote It Be!
Q: I don't like your site, so please change the color of your backgrounds, buttons.... blah blahhh.....
A: Maybe it sounds silly, but it's my page?! I pay for it, so please don't bitch!
Q: Can I use some of the GFX on my site?
A: I don't have a *right click* script on my pages, because I just hate it, so if you take something from my sites I just ask for these little things: Just ask first!!!!! Do not claim them as yours, do not steal my bandwidth, this is not a free domain, I pay for my space, so please don't direct link to images. A direct link or stolen bandwidth is an abusive use of someone else's bandwidth. I can find all direct links in my logfiles, so please don't do it!!
Q: Can you make me a graph, sig .....
A: I am sorry, but no, not these times. I'm burried under requests and it became overload, so I don't take any requests anymore for now. Sorry for that.
Q: Fuck YOU!!.. ... your site suxx!!
A: Please fuck yourself (I wish you well by doing so) and never come here again!
Q: All these infos did not answer my questions. What should I do now?
A: Visit your psychiatrist.
Now that's it so far. And please note, I get alot of nice and friendly e-mails too, and they will ever be read and always they are appreciated, so thanks to all of you nice people. If I can't answer that quick as you would like me to do, I'm sorry, but I have many things going on in my life and much work on my hands, so I'm sorry for that. But nice comments always will be read, thank you so much :)
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Q: If you wont help me... I'll put a curse on you!!!
A: Yeah right! Whatever! Listen... I was cursed so many many times, but hey... I am still here. I'm very well protected by a force you'll never imagine!