Dark Light. I fall through.
Fall through sorrow, through pain,
through loneliness, through all suffering,
but I feel nothing now.
Dark Light. I keep falling.
Time and sense are indifferent.
There's only me and the Darkness now.
It's the same dark emptiness,
which covers my heart.
Slowly it turns to ashes.
I don't need it anymore.
Why should I love,
if I wasn't loved.
My skin... icecold.
My eyes... numb.
I will never cry again,
my tears are gone forever.
My wings?
Dark red and heavy from blood.
With them I can't fly anymore.
If I fall I know, this time it will be a deep fall,
I don't care anymore.
I feel no shame.
I know I keep falling, falling,
without hitting ground.
The more I fall...
the more I forget...
... once ...
.... I was an Angel ....
by IceWind